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Social services


Scène Gestion Conseil, with over 10 years of specialized experience in the field of the performing arts, handles all the obligatory employment formalities, from the initial declaration prior to recruitment (DPAE) to payment of social welfare contributions. 

In 2015, Scène Gestion was commissioned by a hundred or so clients ranging from the small theatrical company to more complex National Theatres and theatres outside France employing salaried French workers to handle their management formalities, details of which are listed below:

  • Employment contracts,
  • DPAE declarations prior to recruitment,
  • Pay slips for artists on short-term and permanent contracts as well as French employees working outside France in the European Economic Area (PDF format)
  • Certificates for Pôle Emploi (the French employment agency) (PDF),
  • Congés Spectacles Certificates (allowing employees in the entertainment industry to qualify for social benefits) (PDF),
  • Documents terminating employment contracts (PDF),
  • Monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly and annual URSSAF, social security and other declarations,
  • With your prior approval, payment of social security and other contributions on their due dates,
  • Follow-up on requests for certificates attesting that payments are up to date, help during a control by URSSAF, follow-up on payment schedules,
  • Information on all new developments in the social domain.